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Hello and thank you for visiting. I’m Whitney and I have had a lifelong obsession with handwriting,  lettering and stationary. So it just clicked when I was introduced to calligraphy and I’ve been enamoured with the craft since. 


There is nothing like the feeling of receiving a beautifully hand-calligraphed envelope in the mail. How can you not feel special knowing that each individual letter was thought out and so much care went into it? It’s that personalisation and love that really sets the tone for what is inside. In a world of digitalisation and mass production I just love the personalisation of calligraphy and impact it can have. 


I’d love to work with you on your next special event. Start setting the tone and building anticipation with personalised calligraphy on your envelopes, menus, table numbers, place cards, signage or anything else you can imagine! You can see some of my work in the gallery or I can design something special just for you.


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